My doctoral work was on methods for test case generation to support model transformation testing. Model transformations are the compilers of MDE, used to convert software models between formalisms, for example they can be used to convert design artefacts to code or design to analysis. Transformations are challenging to validate because the complex input - software models - must be created as testcases and the number of transformations that need to be validated is large, relative to the number of traditional compilers. One of my contributions is an architecture for creating model generators from meta models. Novally the architecture is self hosting, that is, an implementation can be used to create test generators for itself.

I have also conducted research was in the semantic web sphere. I worked on how physical resources can be managed without centralised control in disaster response. This invloved creating a protocol using light-weight ontology-based approach. To evaluate the work, an implementation was created using Drupal to simulate the scenario.

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